VOIP Phone System

Let us first understand what ‘VOIP’ stands for; it’s an anagram for the term ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. The technology lets the transmission of voice conversations over the net connection. Usage of VOIP phone system is growing owing to its reliability and ease of functionality. Businesses especially have gained immensely from the Internet phone technology. The original offering has undergone a complete metamorphosis. The VOIP phone system has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, and has become a common mode of communication through computers. Internet telephony allows an incoming phone call from any location to be routed to any VOIP phone connected to the network. The calling parties need compatible software, which can be downloaded, a broadband or DSL connection, sound card, microphone and speaker. VOIP turns your computer or laptop into an effective interface for communication.

All VOIP connections looped to the network may be at different location, but that won’t matter. The usage of Internet phones and the VOIP lets users make and receive calls irrespective of their location. VOIP phone system offers a dedicated and cost-effective connectivity option as compared to traditional telephone systems. A caller can receive local calls via the VOIP phone system and any Internet connection. This adds to the feasibility of VOIP for large firms with branches across thee globe. Features like file exchanges, instant messaging, audio conferencing and video conferencing are possible with VOIP phone system, adding to it appeals. Additionally, address books and “online” status is made available to users.

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