Buying a Phone System

When buying a phone system make sure you test out before you buy it. It's important that the phone systems is user friendly and that you won't have any problems accessing voicemail, transferring, and test the overall quality of the phone themselves.

Plan for expansion:
Adding more wiring down the road can be very costly, make sure you have more than enough installed initially. Rule of thumb: have at least twice the wiring you currently need installed for expandability.

Find a Good Dealer:
Virtually all phone systems require the assistance of a dealer for programming and installation. As a result, finding a good dealer can be the most important part of the purchase, since any phone system you choose needs to be properly installed for optimal performance. All Options can help by providing multiple phone system quotes, assuring that you get the best possible deal.

Digital vs. Analog:
Most newer and more expensive phone systems communicate via digital technology. This means that sound is transmitted as bits of data rather than audio waves. Digital transmission has many advantages over analog transmission. Digital signals are less affected by interference and line degradation, meaning that digital lines have virtually no static or hiss.

Most businesses, however, make outgoing calls over regular analog lines. This means that even a digital phone system must convert signals back to analog waves whenever a call leaves the office. Because very little sound degradation occurs within the smaller confines of an office, analog systems actually sound about the same as their digital counterparts.

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